Does Initial Content Have to Be Set?

Hey everyone,

I’m building my first test app and am trying to make a form, but have a question on Inital Content.

This form is going to serve as an RSVP notification function. I created the field “name” under user data, but am confused about initial content. Is it required to set initial content? The signup is just an email and password, so when they go to RSVP, there isn’t any existing data in the database for their name and I believe it should just read, “Name” prompting them to enter the information. Am I correct in thinking this? (the same question goes to the other fields in the pic below of the wireframe!)

Thank you in advance!

Pic of Design & Field.

Pic Of Wireframe:

Hi there, @james38… the initial content of an input only needs to be set if you want to display existing data in the input. If you don’t want to do that, you can leave the initial content blank, and the placeholder will appear in the input on the page.

Hope this helps.


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It sure does,

Thank you for the quick response!

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Is there a way I can move the title of the input widget above the field like in the wireframe or would that be accomplished by having the input field in a subgroup with a text field?

I believe there are plugins that can do fancy stuff like move the placeholder up above the input (or inline with the top border) when the input is focused, but if you just want what is showing in the wireframe, a text element above the input element (with the two elements grouped together like you said, although that isn’t absolutely necessary) is the way to go.

Awesome, thank you again!!

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