Problems with Initial Content

Hi! I’m having problems with the “Initial Content” option in my inputs.
Check it out:

image - The Initial content is the same as the placeholder, however, on the website, outside of development, this happens here:

image - Only the placeholder remains, and Initial Content does not work.

How to solve this? Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @juoum… since you said outside of development, the first question that comes to mind is are you sure there are records in the relevant data type in the live database? I’m guessing the answer is yes, but like I said, it’s the first thing that comes to mind. The second question that comes to mind is why are the placeholder and the initial content the same? I would expect the placeholder to be what you want to show when their is no parent group’s VIP’s name. And finally, what are the conditionals you have on that element? Could they be having an effect?


Thanks for your assistance. It looks like it was a bubble problem. I was very slow and things were not loading as they should be. Problem “Solved”!