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Does responsive mode eliminate the need for a mobile page version?

Hi all;

Congrats on the evolution of the product, I’m looking forward to the continuation of your efforts.

Now that responsive is here, would you suggest that it eliminates the need to have a mobile version of pages?

Or would you recommend that for flexibility or other reasons, we should still employ the mobile version of pages that we already created?

Thank you very much.


I recommend having a separate mobile page for any sort of interactive app, simply because in most cases, the experience needs to be modified to not suck on a phone. Responsive doesn’t usually help with that


Great point, thank you…

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Why create a separate mobile page, when a responsive web based app can reduce the amount of UI shown to the user on smaller devices based on screen size, thus providing a better experience and less redesign for you.

Examples of this are: showing a smaller fly-out menu instead of the larger horizontal menu or hiding unnecessary areas that were only added to show extra content on larger screens.

Do some reading on progressive enhancement and mobile-first design to learn how to use the same design for multiple screens and adjust the content that is shown based on screen size. You’ll see alot mentioned about media queries/breakpoints which can be accomplish in Bubble with other actions that are similar to media queries.

This post is a good starting point:


Business perspective: With an mobile app at the App Store you will get another channel to get new users. It works based on keywords and categories and within a smaller amount of competitors (other apps) compared to the web.

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