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Mobile version vs responsive

I am wanting to build a marketplace app which will be predominantly used on mobile so I want to make the app look best on mobile.

Should I build it using the Mobile version and then have a separate page desktop? I’m not totally proficient in responsive skills but I just feel that when certain elements are wrapped to the previous line, I don’t have that much control over them

Thanks in advance


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I would build mobile first. I tried doing responsive in parallel with core development but it became too complex.

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Hey there :wave:

It really depends on your ultimate goal. Are you planning on creating a web app and wrapping it to launch in the App Store?

If it is just going to be an online web app without submitting it to a store than it might be helpful to create a fully responsive web app from the start.

You can check out some of my free videos on responsiveness if you would like to help get you started.

It saves a lot of time in the long run when having one page and making it responsive, instead of having multiple pages and having to update both of them each time there is a change.

I always start my pages at 1200 pixels and then split it into sections.

1 Sections = 1200 pixels
2 Sections = 600 pixels
3 Sections = 400 pixels
4 Sections = 300 pixels

Then when you use the responsive engine it will be easier to make them into a mobile friendly version.

Just put everything into separate groups to make the sections you need.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks for response.

And sorry for the late reply but could you please explain by what you mean

"I always start my pages at 1200 pixels and then split it into sections.

1 Sections = 1200 pixels
2 Sections = 600 pixels
3 Sections = 400 pixels
4 Sections = 300 pixels"


No problem! So I set up an example for you to see what I mean. Check it out:




Hope that helps! :blush:


I entered the editor, but I don’t understand how you use it.

Could you explain?
Thank you

This just gives you some ideas on how to split your page up. It’s really for the old responsive engine. The new responsive engine is much easier to use. You can be a lot more flexible now. Which engine are you using? If you are just starting with Bubble I recommend the new engine. It’s really nice to work with. :blush:

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I would build mobile first… Then build a desktop version.

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Thanks for answering.
I already use the new editor.
A doubt.
Do you today build a page like?
1 - mobile and computer version?
2 - Responsive page?
3 - a page with 2 groups, one mobile and one PC, with viewing rules?

Thank you for your attention.

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Hey @cjpraia :wave:

Any new pages I have I am using the new responsive engine.

I build at 1200 px page width and show/hide using page parameters and options sets.

I’m slowly converting old pages to the new responsive engine since it’s so much nicer.

I only build one page for mobile and desktop. Most of my apps are ‘one-page apps’. Otherwise I would spend twice the amount of time to be updating both pages. I don’t like to waste my time doing that. :blush:

Does that make sense?


great! I’m doing a page for a friend’s real estate company. I’m only making a page for mobile and desktop. At first it was suffering, now it’s better. taking advantage, I posted about a problem I’ve been having, even though I have a responsive page, when I click on an input via mobile, it deconfigures my page. can you help me? Follow the link.

Post link: Responsive Input + problems

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