Does reusable elements increase speed of the app?

Are there any case studies on this topic?

I am building a mobile app, all pages in one Bubble page. I am considering to rebuild it and each page would be a reusable element. Does it make sence?

If each page is different, that does not make sense. Reusable elements are mainly a way to decrease maintenance costs, but if a reusable element is used once in a app, there’s no added value.

I would suggest to read @petter guide about reusable elements, you’ll see if they’re appropriate with your context :

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No. It will make no difference.

Reusable elements do increase de load speed of your app once they are downloaded once and every time users need them again, they will be already available at their side (they will not be downloaded again).

Other advantage is that you can “store” worflows inside them, making the process of design and “coding” quicker…

But in your case, where the Reusable Element will be used only once, it makes no difference.

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