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I am currently deadling with a slow working (also when I’m developing) page.
The page has a lot of elements that contain text, those different elements are all hidden and only show up when a user has a specific code.

My question is, would it run faster when I would tranfer all those text pieces from the elements to one element’s conditions and still let it change the text when a certain code is assigned.

Thanks in regard :slight_smile:

It would likely be less code to do that, but I doubt it would increase page load times that much. You most likely would benefit greatly from using Reusable elements if you don’t already. There are so many advantages to using them (load times in the editor is one of them).

Thanks for your quick reply! The thing is, it needs to change the information to change according to the users data, I don’t really understand why using reusable elements would help

They can still react to dynamically changing data. They’ll still have access to the “Current User” within themselves or you can pass a specific User to it. When you have a Reusable element on the page, it only appears as one element in the editor instead of the dozens+ elements it would be otherwise, therefore increasing editor speeds. It also just makes managing the whole thing a lot easier, especially if you’ll ever have multiple developers working on it at the same time. It’s just good practice in general to be honest.

If you really have a ton of elements, you could also try the new Experimental feature “New, more performant elements rendering” and see if that helps your load times.

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Thnx, where do I find that feature, will also look into the reusable elemente…thnx a lot!

Settings > Versions > check the box for “New, more performant elements rendering”


+1 for using reusable elements. Keeps it much more organized too into “pages” if you don’t need a lot of interaction between those elements. I’m slowly switching to a single page app with them and so far so good

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So I am working on an application that let’s people select their own training program, when they select a program they get a code assigned to their account and that code currently tells which element with text should show up.

So if I do the initial conditional idea but then in the reusable elements tab (like in the image), would it then run faster or wouldn’t still make a difference?

I will have to make still set a condition on the reusable element as wel on the page, but I need to make a lot of conditions because I offer a looooot of different training programs.

I’m not 100% clear on how you’re deciding what data should show up but this may be better accomplished by creating an actual Date Type of Program Codes and having a text field that shows the element that needs to pop up. Then you could just have your data source pull from that table based on the code in your User’s profile

How “different” are these workout plans visually? Is each “page” like a to-do list? Or is there always a caption, then below it a body of text?

This isn’t the right approach. Do what @flowtron says and put the data into a database, and call the data you need based on the code.

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