Does searching against double nested child reduce performance?

I have an outfit image which has a data field with a list of outfit pieces, which in turn have data fields that tie them to another data type. I want to search against that third level to return a list of outfit images. I noticed that when I do this, it’s pretty slow. My question is if searching against nested children is slower. Should I move that third level of data up directly under the outfit image to improve search performance?

If your dB consists of many list fields and if these lists go beyond 100 entries … yes

If you want to go up the ladder from a third level up via parent objects that have many list fields … yes

Consider exploring the following resource (paid) that explains this and other aspects about how to build for performance:

Thanks for the response. I figured out a way to avoid an advanced filter “contains list” search, which fixed my performance issue. I’ll definitely keep that guide bookmarked in case I run into another performance issue!

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