Question about Nested Data Fields Behavior, are they essentially unique ID searches?


I got a question about how data is searched and processed.

I have a repeating group that is based off a data type called ‘Company User Profile’
Within that datatype I have a field that is referencing another datatype called ‘Locations’ and that datatype has another referencing data type called ‘Compensation’

I’m basically trying to create a list of Company User Profiles that shows the locations they are a part of AND the compensations associated to each location.

I noticed that when I load the page, the data that references nested data fields loads slower than the simple text fields.

Are nested data fields essentially doing a ‘search’ for that ID each time for each row in the RG?

Is it better to do a ‘Search for’ action manually instead of nesting data-fields?

In my example, I just have 3 Company User profile records as well…So I’m wondering if there’s a hundred records or so, would it be terribly slow or considered bad DB design or bubble design?

Because it seems that it is doing the initial query for Company Profiles, and then for each item doing a query for the Locations, and then Query for the Compensations of the Locations.

Would appreciate anyones input, thanks.

Yes, a reference from one Thing to another is just the sub-Thing’s unique ID. There’s no reason not to do it.

Which is to say: we don’t refer to Things as their unique ID. We just refer to the Thing itself. Bubble handles the rest as it should.

Thanks Keith, So the lag of the data being loaded half a second later after the other standard non-thing data (even in my example of a just 3 rows is typical right? and I’m assuming when there’s a lot more data, the lag won’t be exponential? I guess it’s my OCD kicking in, it just feels weird that there’s the load of data, and then the other thing columns of data loads at a slightly different time.

Sorry I was just answering the implied question about referencing one Thing from another.

I get the sense that your question is really, “I have this page that loads very slowly, why?” To answer that one would really need to inspect your editor.

When you have situations like this it means that you’re loading way too much data. Typically this is caused by 1 of 2 things (1) your Search is inefficient (e.g., you’re loading all the Things of some datatype and then :filtering them in the page or (2) one, some or all of the Things you’re displaying in your repeating group are very large (e.g., the Company Profile has some list of giant images on it, etc.)

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