Does Strip.js 2 full supports SCA(Strong customer authentication)

Does Strip.js 2 full supports SCA? If do starting from which versions.
Also how one would implement SCA to their flow or already existing flow.

There are surprisingly lack of resources about these things. It’s very hard to find any solid publicly available references about this.

@copilot Please i’m expecting a quick answer for this

Hi @markus1,

Stripe.js 2 does support SCA including 3D Secure verifications. You can check out the Platform Payments 2 course which goes over setting up Stripe.js 2 for your applications. :+1:

How can we implement SCA to our flow. Provided course is a paid one. I don’t want to purchase it just to understand how to implement SCA (if it covers this, I don’t know) .

Could you please explain how to use your plugin to implement SCA .

@copilot Still no answer? I’m asking a simple technical question. not a for a bug fix or feature request. It’s not a good thing that not answering questions here and encouraging users to buy courses.

Hi @markus1,

Any luck so far? I am a bit late but I am starting to work on it now.

No luck yet. Please let us know as well about the solution if you would able to implement it.

Hi @markus1,

I managed to do it. Strong customer authentication - SCA - 3d secure card payment is now available in The Ultimate SAAS template. I can tell you in short how to do it. However, I did not use the Stripe.js plugin. I work with the API direct. The flow can be:

  1. API - Create subscription
  2. Stripe will create a payment intent id (PI id)
  3. Webhook - receive PI webhook
  4. Save PI id, status and next action redirect url in database for customer
  5. If status is authentication-required
  6. API - edit PI --> add return url app
  7. Navigate customer to next action -> redirect url

Important to know is that this workflow works for customers who pay direct during checkout. If not, you need to use a setup intent as well.

Believe me, this info alone reduces your time with about 7 days of communication with Stripe!

Wow this is great man! It is indeed useful. Thank you very much for your contribution

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can you please give me a hint why I get next_action not as a parent parameter, it’s just always null

instead of

Hi, I’ve bought your course. It includes “Authorizations” section, however, it does not cover 3D-secure, how to trigger 3d-secure popup within a payment. Am I missing something?


Here’s a video I just put out on on adding Stripe SCA compliant checkout experiences in Bubble in under 5 minutes that you might find interesting


Feel free to ask any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


You will have to check your log files in the Stripe dashboard for that and then ask helpdesk Stripe. Can be a lot of sorting out. Hopefully you find it quickly

thanks, but I don’t need to use Stripe Billing / Checkout

Ah no problem,

Would love to learn more about your specific use-case, at what point in the user journey are you trying to implement SCA for?

I’ve implemented Stripe with Stripe.Js2 plugin.
I need to trigger 3d-secure popup right after Subscription was created

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Hey @vovahumnytskiy , any luck with setting up 3d secure with the stripe js2 plugin?

decided to refuse this feature for now

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