Does the data in schedule a workflow update overtime?

Technical question for Bubble Team on how scheduling a workflow works – @neerja

I’m scheduling a workflow for a future date. One parameter I’m sending is “user”. If that same user’s data is updated between now and when the scheduler fires, does the scheduler incorporate this new data or will it send the data from when the scheduler as created?

For example, I want to schedule an email in the future. The User’s name from the users table is “Bob” today when the scheduler is created. “Bob” then changes his name to “Robert”. The Users table now has “Robert”. Will the scheduler use the original data, and hence address the email to “Bob”? Or, will the scheduler do a lookup at the time the scheduler is fired and use the most recent data for “Robert”?

Hey @kramwe,

An API Workflow refers to the data at the time of execution as opposed the time of its scheduling; if you update it between when it’s scheduled and when it’s executed, the most recent and available data is injected. In general, an API Workflow is a set of instructions that can be run anytime, the data used is not static. :slight_smile:

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As long as the changes are made before the already scheduled workflow is run, the result of the workflow will show the updated data.

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Super helpful. Thanks @neerja and @copilot