Question... API Workflow Data


Quick question which would be very handy to know the answer to right now, I could test it but thought I’d ask first. In fact, this is one of those questions which always seem to get me every now and then.

Let’s say I schedule an API workflow to run at CurrentDateTime +hour 1 (so it’s going to run in 1 hour from now) and I pass a User to it. Bit like this…


If the User’s Modified Date changes anywhere between now and the time it runs, then when you access that Users Modified Date in the API workflow itself, is it going to be the time at which the data (User) was sent through or whatever the current Modified Date is when it’s accessed?

Hope that makes sense.
In essence, I want to know if the data is static when it’s passed.


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Like everything else, constants are set at request time. If “dependent thing X” changes after scheduling, well, it won’t update during the API Werrrkflow.

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Right ok, thanks for that Keith.

Think of it as, “I’m injecting this constant value right now.”

Yep great, much appreciated. Now I understand what my problem is! :slight_smile: