Workflow is faster than Debugger

New to Bubble.
Today I bring a bug that I have been trying to figure out for a couple of days.

I am testing my App, and it seems like the workflow I am testing is faster than the debugger running it step by step.

A simple resume of the workflow:
(Default: new_user=false)

  1. API Calls using the Bubble API Connector Plugin (OAuth stuff)
  2. Set State new_user = true, if a user’s email does not exist in the database
  3. Sign the user Up, Only When new_user=true
  4. Go to Page bio, Only When new_user=true
  5. Log in the user
  6. Go to page feed

I am cleaning my database before running the workflow above.
As I debug it, when it reaches the action (2), it tells me I already have a user in my DB. I go check the DB, and, in fact, there’s a new user, with the email and id specified in the test I am running.

And I am not creating it in another place, I am certain of that.
I even change some of my user’s fields to something weird (like: name=blablabla123) in the action (3), and the value in my user’s DB checks out.

The worst part is that action (4) never runs. I would expect it to run, given that (somehow) my app manages to Sign the user Up, and they both have the same “Only when” condition. Unfortunately, I never get redirected to Page bio.
This happens without using the debugger too.

I have to use the workflow above, because my app doesn’t use a password to LogIn/SignUp

Thank you in advance!

Umm… well… umm… yeah. Do I misunderstand you? How would running it step-by-step ever be faster than running it in realtime?

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Are you, perhaps discovering asynchronicity? Is that what you mean?

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How can the workflow above be asynchronous?

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Also, if you want to run actions when the user is logged in you may want to use the workflow trigger when user is logged in

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