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Does this count as two seperate apps?

Hello everyone

For the past year I have slowly been building a comprehensive internal tool for my company. Once done, I intend to sell a copy of that tool as a product of my company. That ready to use tool will be on a different url from my company’s i.e there are two websites.

Will I have to pay Bubble for two apps or might this just count as one? And if I have to pay for two, can I purchase them on the same Bubble account (I am using the paid personal plan) or must I have a separate account for each app?

Also a follow up questions is: can I easily transfer a copy of the ready to purchase app to other Bubble users upon their purchase thereof?

You can create it as a template and sell it on the Bubble marketplace

Thanks. This did occur to me but I what options are available if I intend selling it for more than $500? Also, is my process I described nevertheless possible?

I would say If you’re planning on selling for over $500 (bubble’s max for individual licenses) you’d have to handle everything off the marketplace platform. For example, someone sends you x amount, you create a copy of the app, then transfer it to their email.

Unless someone else has a better solution

Ok so this is basically what I described in my original post, except for the email part. Is that how one transfers apps between accounts usually?

Yes, then the user you transfer it to will have to pay for a plan.

Cool thanks I will research this process a bit more. I’m still a few months away but just want to make sure I grasp it all. Also if you know the answer to my first question let me know :slight_smile:

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If it’s counted as two separate apps? If you make a copy, yes.

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