Does using "go to page" when building a mobile one-page app still work?

I’m building an app intended to be wrapped and made mobile. However, I use the "Go to page… " workflow to send parameters and such, for the sake of SEO and share-ability using URLs.

Also to reflect where the user is, so they can copy their URL anytime they want and have it be accurate when used.

However, doing this I wonder if it will cause issues with navigation when turning into a mobile app? Will the “go to page…” workflow cause problems? I want the user to stay in the app, not actually navigate into a web browser to open the URL (this is of course only logical if you don’t have the app). Can I use a conditional to toggle this off when the user is coming in from a web/mobile browser to know if the user is in app or not?

If not… How else am I supposed to have a one-page app and work with accurate URLs and sharing without using the “go to page…” workflow? Or arriving using the URL in general?