Go to Page Workflow Action - Go to Current Page

It would be great if we could have a selection option to say go to current page, instead of only having the ability to specify a page.

Use case, in the header, I’d like to set up a feature to automatically navigate to the same page the user is on, and since the header is reusable and will be on every page, it would be a lot easier to just say go to current page instead of needing to set up conditional actions for each page in the app.


Have you already tried to use the “Open an external website” action and put “This url” into it?

Yes. That actually is a different function which operates much like a link in which the page will need to be reloaded, even if it is the same page. When using the go to page action, the page is not reloaded (in fact the custom states are not even lost), but when using the open external website action, it reloads the page (and also custom states are lost as expected).

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Great Idea! Perfect for one-page apps & to send parameters without errors.