Memory Usage of "Go to Page" vs Set State Workflows for App Navigation

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I use option sets for navigation in my app.

I use “go to page” + send additional parameters.

The parameters are an option set, so if I say nav = “search” then the search page will conditionally show itself.

This is really great because users can use their native back button to return to previous pages and since this is a single page app, it’s pretty fast.

My question is whether this type of structure increases memory usage as I have tons of Workflows that run “on page load”.

Most of these workflows only need to be triggered on first launch of the app, but in the debugger, they get triggered every time I use “go to page” even though I’m just going to the same page and I don’t need set these guys up again.

Does that make sense? If I used states for navigation, it would only fire a workflow for the page navigation, but then users wouldn’t be able to use their back button I think.

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Also interested in this. Thanks for asking

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