Does your Agency want to close more deals? Try StayShure's 90% Close Rate Discovery Process

Hey ya’ll!

I’m Alex Pezzutto, CEO of StayShure, a Bubble agency based in Canada. For the past few years we’ve been in the top 10 largest agencies on Bubble and the biggest in Canada. As we’ve matured and shifted our direction, we developed a discovery process for our clients that has had a 90% conversion rate to a development contract that we thought we’d share with other agencies.

Clients want to feel understood. And you and your developers want to make sure that you’re building exactly what they want. But lengthy scope docs are unclear and hard to remember all the details anyways. Our visual-first discovery process is how we have bridged these gaps, focusing on what matters most to the client and gaining agreement so we know exactly what to build for them.

We also use this as a value chain- you don’t have a commit to the build with us. You could work with any other developer because the discovery package will give you a clear path to give to them to understand what you want. But it is has instead resulted in a 90% conversion process for us. And the exceptions are mostly us not pre-qualifying our clients well enough to ensure proper fit for our value proposition as a team.

As FCTOs, we help clients with things like discovery, ideation, automation, digital transformation in their company, and more.

We are also interested in helping agencies improve their close rate by having us do a discovery package with you and your client. You build it, we help get you two on the same page and close the deal with the client.

As a note, our discovery packages are $4000 USD, so this is not suited for a client wanting a quick MVP, but for a well-planned product, especially an internal one. For larger medium and enterprise clients this would be on a per-case basis.

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Interesting idea.

I can understand why there might be a 90% conversion rate because by the time you have clients spending $4000 on a project scope they’re generally serious. I just worry that if you have 100 clients, 30 of them do the discovery process and 27 go for a full build, those same 27 clients would’ve gone straight for the full build anyway and could’ve saved $4000.

What’s your conversion rate on your discovery process itself? Because a lot of people will look at this and say that they can probably do the same thing but the conversion rate they actually care about is finding the clients that will spend $4000 on a discovery process in the first place.

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My name is Francois, i’ve been working as a developper for 20 years, and 7 years ago, I decided to focused myself on Web App. In 2020 I discovered, and since then, i’ve been working almost exclusively with it. My company is called and I’m based in France, but I’m looking to expend my activities by working for costumer in other country (like US on Canada). I’ve lived in the US from 2002 to 2004. I will be very interested by your freelance proposition. Feel free to contact me any time you want.

francois B

Great point George.

The bigger distinction is that is much easier for a client to agree to spend $4000 than, say, $50,000 or $150,000. Then in working with you for that first month the trust is earned much better.

The discovery package itself does not have a 90% sell rate and you still need to qualify your candidates to ensure they are good fits. But it makes selling larger projects much easier and sets those projects up for success.

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