Domain Connection Issue between Cloudflare and Bubble

I purchased a Domain Name in Cloudflare, so this means I don’t have to connect up with Bubble Using A names only CNAMES, Right? Is this correct and how can I Connect them since my bubble app says the they are BAD DNS records, I’m assuming the problem is on the Cloudflare side of things. How can I fix this?

Click on the checkbox accelerate this domain using cloudflare.
Then you will be getting 8 different A type DNS records to be added.

4 at root (@)
4 at www

Make sure you have added those as said and you will be on.

I’ve added all 8 DNS A records and it still comes with that message, but now it does say its pointing at a cloudflare domain (which is correct) but the domain doesn’t belong to Bubble, what can i do from here?

Well it can take some time to settle :grinning:

Sorry for the very delayed reply, it is still coming up saying there are Bad DNS records even though it has been 12 days since I changed them. On the cloudflare side of things there are the default TXT records could this be the problem?

May be you are using proxied A records in Cloudflares DNS manager? It will still work but will result in an error message in the editor. Check the color of the cloud to the right of the ip address in Cloudflares DNS manager. If it is orange then it is proxied. I personally prefer this since it gives you the possibility to using Cloudflare functions.