Issues with DNS and Bubble domain config disappearing (I use cloudflare)

Anyone else is having or has had issues with DNS and your app domain?

It has happened me twice already. One day my domain is working correctly and the other one I get error 525 from Cloudflare.

I also go into my domain setting from my bubble app and it appears as if it isn’t at all configured after being months there without any problems.

I proceed to delete my domain and add it again and I get new A records to set in my DNS settings. So I have to go through the whole process of setting a new domain while having my production app down.

The first time it happened I was able to get it working a few hours after I set up again my domain with the new A records provided by Bubble. This time nothing is working and my app has been already 36 hours down.

I already opened a ticket an support advised me remove any other A record not pointing at bubble(I had one for a subdomain pointing at another app) but this hasn’t fixed the issue.

Even though I already have a ticket open I wanted to ask you guys if you have suffered anything similar with Cloudflare or with another DNS provider. Any help or info is appreciated :slight_smile:

Happens to us from time to time too (didn’t happen for quite some time already though).

Haven’t figured out any reproducible patterns to get it properly reviewed though :frowning:

But the DT has never been that long, usually just a few minutes or less (at least from when we spot it).

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Glad and sad to hear this is not just me.

If this is happening with more people this issue should be moved to high priority @DavidS and @neerja -> ticket #5756

There seems to be an elusive bug with domains and DNS setup that makes apps not accessible for any period of time going from minutes to days potentially affecting the whole platform.

What I don’t know yet if this is limited to Cloudflare.

I remember seeing a thread that included Bubble founders, explaining that they have already placed bubble on Cloudflare, so if you do it as well then you can expect some odd results. Upon learning that fact, I removed my app from Cloudflare.

Thanks for the info! I just did a search and found this. Are you referring to this one?

If so I missed completely this post!

That wasn’t the post, but it seems in line with what I read. I tried looking for the thread, but of course I cannot find it (probably because I am looking for it, haha). However, I did find many other threads discussing similar issues. Another point that is made is that a CDN best serves static content. Since a Bubble application is usually dynamic, the main benefit you would get is the DDOS protection and privacy from not having your I.P. exposed. Since the servers belong to Bubble, the DDOS protection is their responsibility, and I think they tend to handle it well. For privacy, I use Epik as my registrar, and my domain provides Whois protection. I also use one of Epik’s services called “Anonymize.” Privacy is really only a concern to me because I have seen too much political doxing to be certain that information rendered from my app will always be within the ever-changing politically correct boundaries. At some point, something I do online is bound to offend someone. Hence the last of the aforementioned benefits of a CDN.

Yeah. You never get enough privacy lately from services.

Anyway Bubble support was able to point me to the configuration problem on Cloudflare. It seems Bubble doesn’t get on well anymore with Full SSL mode and expects Flexible SSL.

Thanks for all the input @destryhunt.dh! And @vladlarin might be worth checking your SSL settings on Cloudflare.


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