Cloudflare -> Bubble says "Issue with your Domain Name"

We have set up a new app. We registered a new domain name. The DNS records are hosted with Cloudflare. We set up all of the A and AAAA records, however, continues to give us the following alert:

You should only have 4 A records: two for www and two for @/blank. Are you trying to set up only on a subdomain? Then ignore my first sentence. When I tried to browse to the url, I got a login pop-up - does that mean it’s working now?

Yes, only a subdomain. And yes, it’s resolving correctly, but Bubble still gives me that error popup as though something is not set up correctly. Should I remove the AAAA records?

Here’s something from another thread with a similar error as yours, and with cloudflare DNS, that seemed to resolve the problem:
“Seems like I just found the solution. In cloudflare I had to change the 4 A records to DNS only instead of proxied. I did that and 5 minutes later it was working.”

Thread: Setting up custom domain with cloudflare

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I do have them set to DNS only instead of Proxy and I still see the warning

I am having a Domain Name issue when trying to publish to a domain that is already on Cloudflare.

We are using it for the base domain, but would like a subdomain on Bubble.


I think we have the same problem… The main domain is managed by cloudflare and trying to have a subdomain pointed to the bubble app…