Domain name for sale! 🙂

Hey all,

I’m clearing out some projects and have just listed an old domain name I have for sale.

You can see the listing below on the NameCheap marketplace for the domain name:

Or private message me with a best offer. :+1:

*Edit: I’ve received a few offers. If anyone can beat the last one of $350 it’s yours. :+1:

@lantzgould you actually SELL old domain names rather than hoard them forever!? I find this strange.


Well… I’m embarrassed to tell you how many I’ve accumulated over the years hahaha. This is just one that I thought might be of some use to someone out there in the ether.

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I’ve lost count and am afraid to count.

HOWEVER, if anyone’s interested in, hit me up. (No, I’m not joking.)


Shoot… actually this is a really good reminder to migrate a bunch of godaddy domains to cloudflare or Namecheap. Damn, I spend too much money on that.