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Don't open apps in the editor into a new window

Is it just me, or is the opening of apps from /home each into it’s own browser window (target=_blank) by default a terrible terrible usability idea that was discouraged even 20 years ago?

I know this is lower on my list than other things (like having the new responsive engine to allow padding, or optimization on plugin code loading), but still - it’s bugging me out several times every single day, and I assume the code fix is literally a 10 second job.

I actually like it :woman_shrugging:

I will often open things in new tabs so I can easily toggle.

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Yeah, but then again you could always click while holding cmd/ctrl - and then, coming down to my critique, it’s a choice, rather than forced upon you. :slight_smile:

Also curious, why do you want to open the app editor in a new tab/window - do you almost always open multiple apps at once? I very rarely work on more than one app at a time so I never had that experience.

Yeah I’ll often open other apps to copy things I’ve already built across