Do you work in the Bubble editor in multiple tabs at once?

I usually have two tabs open because it often makes things easier when working on 2 pages at once, but this does seem to come with its own problems.

For example, sometimes I’ll delete something and it won’t be until the next day that a bunch of issues come up in the issue tracker. I figure that may have something to do with me working in multiple tabs, although I don’t know for sure.

Also, when it comes to undoing things, I think running multiple tabs causes problems, understandably.

Anyway, just wondering what you do?

Once one of my apps became large in size (hundreds of workflows, elements and layers on one page) the editor stopped operating when open multiple times in one browser. It is too much of a resource hog and Chrome is limited to ~3-4GB memory usage from what I can tell (even on a 64GB RAM Windows PC). Bubble can easily eat up 2.5-2.8GB and occasionally when it hits 3GB usage Chrome just shuts down completely (takes 60+ minutes of straight editing and building for this to happen).

For a while now I’ve been using two computers simultaneously for development: one Macbook and one Windows laptop. Not only can I test all browser variations easily but this allows the editor to be open twice. I can’t comment on the undo bugs, but I might get around to testing that later today.


I have… But only if I want to copy-with-workflow from another page for convenience. This works and is convenient but I always feel like something can go wrong or get unpredictability results; for example UNDO. So I stay away from doing this as much as possible.

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Think of it this way: each time you open a Bubble tab in your browser, it’s downloading a copy of your app. Certain aspects are updated across browser tabs automatically. However, something like a reusable element or field, when created/deleted on one tab, is not going to reflect automatically in the other.

I can’t give a definitive answer. But I definitely recommend doing so sparingly. (Ie. good when you’re referencing another page). And never work on the same page simultaneously in different tabs.

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What about when you are running a bulk operation on some data that is taking some time. Can you open another tab and work on the design tab?