Double Button Click Not Working - Please Help!

Hey guys,

So I’ve got a button - a special button :wink:

When you click it once, it changes the User’s M1L1 value to 1 (M1L1 stands for lesson 1 of module 1, a lesson a student using our platform has completed).


Click it again, changes M1L1 value to 0.


The first bit works a charm, but unfortunately #:cry: the second part doesn’t, the M1L1 value stays the same :man_shrugging:t4: I have no idea what’s going wrong.

Would be extremely for any help. Also: this will be included in the “Build An App in 30 Days” documentary I’m filming with Bubble so happy to feature you in the doc!



Hi there, @andrewmitson94… if you put the conditions on the workflow actions (as opposed to the workflow steps), you should see the desired result.


Hope this helps.


Mike, you’re a legend! Thank you soo much :smile:

Seriously, this was driving me crazy haha - huge help

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