Doubt in Filter Repeater Group

Good evening guys, I’m having trouble filtering a repeater group.

we have the quiz_questions and quiz_answers table.

My question is as follows, how do I show in the repeater group only the questions that the user has not yet answered?

I can show all the questions but I can’t show only the questions that the logged in user did not answer…

Thank you very much in advance…


Hi there, @arilimacursos… there are multiple ways (as is almost always the case with Bubble) to achieve what you have described, and I will throw one of those ways out there for you as food for thought.

Depending on the number of questions a user will be answering, I might consider having a field on the User data type that stores a list of answered questions (i.e., you would add questions to the list as a user answers them). With that list in place, it would be easy to create a repeating group that shows a list of unanswered questions by searching for all of the questions minus the user’s list of answered questions.

Anyway, like I said, there are a number of ways to go on this one, but what I have described might be one of the more “direct” routes. So, again, just food for thought.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much friend, I followed your tip :slight_smile:

But now another problem has arisen.

My app is for Questions. I need to make the following filters:

*** All Questions**
*** Questions already answered**
*** Questions I haven’t answered yet**

For example, when I’m in the Questions I haven’t answered filter and I click to answer, the status of this question changes to answered and this makes the question automatically leave the repeater group.

Is there any way to make the repeater group not update itself automatically on every iteration in the database?

Maybe this thread can help…