Filtering repeating group's results

Hi Bubblers,

I’m sure I’m close to a solution but I just can’t get there and would really appreciate your help!

I’m building a basic question and answer app, there are

  • Users (with attributes like Name, Age, Gender, Country; Questions_answered [type = Question; List]; Answers_Given [type= Answer; List]);

  • Answers (Attributes: Answer_text; Answer_count; Question [type=Question; Users_Answered [type=User])

  • Questions (Attributes: Question_text; Question_Category; Possible_Answers [type=Answer; List])

The questions are multiple choice, so each Question has a list of possible Answers, and each Answer has an answer count, allowing me to show that x% of Users selected this answer.

I have a repeating group that I want to show the Answers in. But I only want it to show Answers that relate to the Question’s category (eg Type of Car You Own); I then also want to filter Users based on Gender and Country, to see what males in Finland think.

The RG source is: Search for User’s [Country = Dropdown Country’s Value; Gender = Dropdown Gender’s Value) Questions_Answered:filtered [Q Categ = Dropdown Question Category’s Value].

I have a pie chart (JS Charts) that I want to show the data in, and I’d think it could reference the RG’s Current Cell using Parent Group’s Question’s Possible Answers.

I can get the category filter to work (which works off the Question) but I can’t seem to make it filter by Users and update the graph. I don’t want to create a field on each possible Question or Answer for User’s Gender or Country; I think I need to intersect or merge filters but I just can’t get it to work.

Bubblers, please let me know what you think!

@romanmg or @NigelG - you two have been incredibly helpful in the forums - if you also have any ideas for this please let me know.

Thanks so much!

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Dear Bubbler, had you answer for this question ?
I’ve the same issue:
Table Question
Table Answers
In my RG_Questions i want to filter only questions without Answers in the RG_Answers.
After 4 hours trying i’ve a doubt !!!
Thanks to you.