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Downgrade from Version 3 to 2

I upgrade from version 1 to 4 today, and not my repeating group doesn’t work the way I want. I was able to downgrade to 3 just fine, but I don’t see a way to downgrade to version 2 anymore. The blue text “Available Bubble Engine Versions and Current Version” is not actually clickable.

I realize you said you went from 1-4 today. But you might find it helpful to read through Josh’s full post a little while back for a bit of added context.

I think their design is that you can only revert to the immediate prior released version. (They likely designed from the perspective that you would consistently move from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc, not multiple versions).

If you temporarily need to go back to the old version – for instance, if you haven’t finished testing the new Bubble version, but something comes up and you need to do an urgent deploy to Live – you can use the Versions tab to roll back to the old version. (The option to revert will disappear after a week on the new version.)

Can you file a bug report with the app? You should be able to see a button ‘Revert to 1’ which you’re not seeing here.

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