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Question regarding "revert to this version"

I want to revert to a previous version of my app just to check out a few things that I know were right at that time.

However, I don’t really want to undo all the changes, and don’t want to stick to that version. I just want to go to that version, take a look at couple of things and come back to latest version.

But I am scared to do “revert to this version”, as I am not sure if Bubble will then allow me to come back to my latest version or not.

Also, not sure if “revert to this version” will just revert my dev version or will update my live version too.

Could someone please confirm on these two points?

Detail in the Bubble documentation is nil on this topic.

If you have “save points” saved in your History you will be able to change between them. The changes will effect only your development environment, nothing will change in your live version unless you hit the deploy button.

Thanks. I can do “save point” for current time. But probably can’t for old one.

So, I can go from right now to old one via time, and then come back to current one via “save point”. Will that work?

Yes! I don’t see why not.
Your “Saved point” will be saved and you will be able to load it again.

It worked fine! Thanks.

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