Download as CSV Bubble Workflow Limit?

Hi, I am running an API call and then trying to download the data returned from the call as a CSV just through Bubble’s “Download as CSV” workflow action. Here is my workflow:

However, my CSV is always only 100 rows even though I know there should be more. Is this a limit with the API call or does that “Download as CSV” action limit you to 100 rows? Any help and alternative methods/solutions would be greatly appreciated!

You are limited to 100. You need to loop in order to proceed to the next 100. This limitation is under review at our friend Bubble.

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@JohnMark Can you explain how you would setup the loop? Would it require me to create data in the system?

The loop will not help if you need one downloaded file. You will need an external server and create an API to be able to merge all files together. As I know, not an easy task. Maybe others will have a better solution.

This can help:

Thanks, those won’t work because I’m not storing any of the data permanently in Bubble. So there would be no file URL, nor is it text within a repeating group. I just need to take the data from the API call and put it into a CSV. Anyone know of any other solutions here?

Look at Webmerge or Integromat. You could pull the API data into a list state, then push to Webmerge or Integromat via HTTP Post which could then return the file, or deliver directly to the user. Lots of document type and formatting options with those services as well.

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