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[Free Plugin] Download Text within RepeatingGroup to CSV

Hey Bubblers,

We just published a simple plugin called Download CSV from Repeating Group to allow you to download a CSV of all text elements from within a repeating group (each text element from left to right is downloaded as a separate column in the CSV). This could be helpful for calculated fields (not stored in database) that you currently can’t export through Bubble’s export as CSV feature.

See how this works in this demo:

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone


Nice! Now that’s some good news to share on a Friday! :smiley:

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@dan1 @scottb50 thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone

Hi Alex4,

the plugin is not working.
It is downloading an empty file without extension named “download”, also the browser is showing me a popup warning.

Thank you.

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@caeroa Strange. Feel free to share a link to the editor/run mode and I can take a look.

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone

Hey @alex4, I’m trying to use this as well and experiencing the same - just a blank download with no extension. Your demo is doing the same. Any ideas?

@romanmg hmmm… what browser are you using? I tested it on Chrome and Firefox and it seems to be working on my end

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone

Works on iPhone

Chrome and firefox, not working :frowning:

@caeroa I’m not able to replicate the issue. are you trying to download from the demo? what OS are you using?

@alex4 Even on your demo it downloads the file without extension. I’m using Google Chrome. Currently I’ve been trying to use your widget on my project for Grouped repeating group where I have aggregated data. When I fire the workflow nothing happens unfortunately.

BTW, just a random comment, I love your Youtube channel, congrats!!!


try this:

It works like a charm!!!

:smile: Thanks!!

Not sure about before, but just wanted to say that today this plugin works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks @alex4!

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Sorry, after further testing, I found out that it doesn’t work with FireFox and Internet Explorer.

It works fine with Chrome and Safari.

That’s assuming no other plugin installed for my app is messing with this one.


Hi there,

For me it shows columns that are not in the RG.

Does this work now?

Hi does it work properly now? Or any free alternative?