Download data as CSV (How to replace uniq_id)

Hi guys… :wave:

I am trying to use the action “Download data as CSV” in my workflow to download a RG (or a Search for) as a CSV file.

The problem is that in this Search I have entities/fields that are data types and I can’t define wich column I want to print in the CSV. In the end, no matter what I do, Bubble always print the uniq_id of this data type, what makes the CSV useless for my users…

I need to change it to other column, like Users`s name.

I think it is impossible, but wanted to see what you guys think…

Any help? :pray:


I think this should do the trick. It is a very powerful plugin created by @eli :

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Hey @cmarchan , thanks!

I will give it a try!

It will be nice if the native action allowed such thing…

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This plugin is amazing. Problem solved :+1:

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Eli did an awesome job on this one!

Glad it helped! :+1:t2:

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