Drag and Drop add on - repeating group moved from one phase to next phase: kanban

Using the Drag and Drop add-on, I have a list of widgets that are in different “Phases”: New, Launch, Current, Exiting.
I would like to set up a list of each phase, and allow a user to drag an item from one phase to another to change the status.
Example, if there is a list of 4 items that are NEW, the user can drag one of the items into Launch, and it will update the database to move that widgets status to Launch.
My issues are either: A) the entire list moves, or B) the item only is allowed to move within the repeating group.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Joe, I’ve got a simple Kanban in a test app Bubble Application.

To answer some of your questions:
A) - you can use the draggable elements in a repeating group to acheive this. If you’re unfamiliar with the draggable elements plugin, bubble have some good documentation. You can use droppable areas to start workflows when they’re dropped on, like below. you need to ensure that the data is only changing for the element that you’re dropping, not the entire list.

B) - make sure you untick the ‘within parent’ constraint on the drag group :slight_smile:


Thank you, that second check box is what was missing. Thought I tested that, but learning in real time causes things like that to happen :slight_smile:

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