Drag and drop within repeating groups

Hi all,

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to drag and drop a row from one repeating group to another repeating group and at the same time change the status of the item of said row in the database. Is this possible with the draggable elements plugin?

Sure it’s possible.

Yeah I agree, should be possible, as long as the data type matches.

That’s good to hear. I am kinda confused by the drag and drop group and drop zone. How I see it I would need both in one row of repeatinggroup to be able to drag and drop a row in another repeating group and back.

This may help A Little Drag and Drop Fun

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Thanks. I have setup a drop area and tried dragging a droppale group into it but nothing happens. I have setup a workflow trigger as well.

Did you go through to view the editor from the link I shared above? There’s a “View Editor” button on the page. If you did and are still stuck then you may want to share screenshots of what you’ve tried. Or share a link to your editor.

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