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Drag and Drop Sorting of Repeating Group Items

Hi All,

In my application my users create the structure of a song (I.e. Intro, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8 etc). Each section is displayed through a repeating group (which also contains a nested repeating group within the song section). This is all working perfectly.

As the song is being built out, the user will often want to alter the arrangement of the sections of the song (fairly typical when writing a song). This is a classic use case for drag and drop ordering of items, but is where I’m hitting a bit of a wall in knowing how to progress forward. I added drag and drop elements to the repeating groups,but I keep seeing the same behavior. The drop elements don’t seem to be detecting the drag elements (even within a cell) and when I drag an element out of a cell to another cell, it seems as though the drag-able item is no longer associated with the repeating group. I know there is a need for some database items and a workflow to control the behaviour, but I am really getting stuck with it.

I’m hoping someone has had some experience in ordering items with drag and drop in repeating groups and can help set me on the right path of the types of interactions I need to account for to get this working?

Thanks all.

As far as I know drop and drag only refers to the way in which web pages are built. You can’t drag and drop elements, or data from one place to another

We do have such a plugin “Draggable elements”. If you use a Drap area in a repeating group and use the cell’s index you could do it I think, though I haven’t tried. You can experiment :wink:


I must have missed the memo on this one… when was it introduced?

@lonetour you can have a look here.

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yes. this works. see here: