Drag and drop - changing "Current cell's thing" problem

I try to use the Draggable Elements plugin to allow for putting files into folders.

I have my things displayed in an RG and everything is based on “Current cell’s thing” (and on lower levels on “Parent’s element thing”).

However, it seems to be the case that as soon as I drag a group onto the Drop Area which is in another cell, the “Current cell’s thing” of the dragged group is changed to the “Current cell’s thing” of the Drop Area and in my workflow i cannot access the initial group’s thing.


  1. I have a folder X and a file Y.
  2. I drag and drop Y onto X.
  3. In the Step-by-step preview it seems I have just dropped X on X.
  4. And in fact, as I enter the X, I see the same folder X inside.

How can I refer in my workflow to the initial “Current cell’s thing” from before dropping?

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I have the same question


So I do not know exactly what workflows you use, but when I did this, you can either use “This Droparea’s Thing” (what you drop into) or “Current Workflows’s thing” (what you are dragging).

I paste below screenshots of my app, which is a todolist app where you can drag e.g. item 3 to make it the new item 1. Here I set a state of the item’s number before I move it, to compare the other list item’s order numbers with, so that all order items are changed correctly. (Ie if I move item 3 to 1, item 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 etc.

I am aware it is not exactly the same use case, but thought it maybe helps. happy to help with further questions

kind regards


Current Workflows’s thing rules! Thank you very much!

Great tip - Note that if you don’t fill out “Type of thing” in the main “When” box, you do not get “Current Workflows’s Thing” … Just in case anyone (me…:man_facepalming:) may wonder why you can’t see “Current Workflows’s Thing”. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this comment. I just spent an hour wracking my head until I read this