Drag drop repeating groups - no current cell value

This might be super easy but…

How do I ensure the drop zone changes with a Repeating Group’s current cell value and not the first one of the group?

Shouldn’t there be a trigger for when a drag/drop element is dragged?

When drag/drop element X is dragged onto Drop Zone Y – THEN do something.

Right now the only trigger is if the drop zone is dragged on – but doesn’t specify what! It must be so simple it’s driving me insane

Hey @matteo.cossu :wave:

Maybe a screenshot of your workflow might help?

On the top level of the workflow, do you have the type of thing assigned? I know this is a common thing that most people overlook. Is that what you are missing?

Then in the workflow it will show, ‘current workflow’s data’ that you will be able to choose.

Let me know. Hope you can get it working. :blush:

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Thank you so much @J805

It WORKED. I knew it was something silly I was forgetting. Thanks again!

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Awesome. Glad that helped! :blush:

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