Drag and drop in workflows tab

I’d like to suggest this ideia since getting more than 20, 30, 50 workflows in a single page makes it very difficult to organize what is happening to what, even with different colors it’s still messy. So my ideia is basically a drag and drop editor where you can group different workflows and edit the group name. Example: I create a new group and name it “log in and user optional details”, and there I drag every workflow related to user options and log in, the same can be done with “send messages”, where every workflow related to it could be dragged and dropped. Therefore, once I open my workflow tab again, I would be able to easily identify what is happening to each part of my app.

It can be hard to see but you actually can organize workflows like you mentioned. Just click the arrow!

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Thank you!! But I still can’t drag the workflows or move the existing ones :frowning: