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[New Feature] Draggable actions


This new announcement is a UX improvement to the workflow editor. You can now drag actions to reorder them. This is more user-friendly and intuitive than cutting and pasting actions. You just need to select the action box, and then click and drag.

Happy dragging!


This is awesome! Thank you!! :smiley:


I was expecting this feature. Thanks @emmanuel :clap:

This is great. Thanks!


Yup that was definatelly missing here :slight_smile:


That is great!


Would it be possible also to do it for elements in the element explorer sidebar? So that I can choose what renders under what. I see myself cutting and pasting a lot because something didn’t render where it should have.

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This is a very useful improvement, thanks!


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Awesome, thanks Emmanuel!

Not sure if it has anything to do with this push, but I cannot delete any workflow actions anymore from the delete link.


Anyone else having this issue?

I had this problem yesterday but didn’t have time to test it out more. I was in a hurry so I just right clicked and then clicked Delete.

Sounds like a bug if you encountered it too though

Yes same issue here. Right click and delete works though.

Nice improvement!

We fixed an issue so it may be gone. If not, can you file a bug report so that we can look into it?

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Problem solved, thanks!

Yes! I Second this request. Often times it can be very difficult getting things in and out of groups and to be able to just arrange on that panel would be much easier!

Nice new feature!

Love it, thanks guys!