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Drag and Drop Sorting

I have a repeating group that has drag and drop sorting set up (I’m very impressed with Bubble’s ability to make this super easy to do).

The page is here:

That yields this:

Right now I have it configured to do a double-refresh (that was the only way I could get the repeating group to update after the dragging and dropping.

Has anyone else figured out how to do this without page-refreshes?

Update - So people can see the issue:
I have removed the last two page refreshes. As a test, you can move the last element to the top, and it seems to work okay. Do it again and then just wait. It eventually refreshes the repeating group but it takes a while. If you add two page refreshes to the workflow that is handling this, it works okay, but it would be awesome to be able to do this without page refreshes.

Is this something that could be submitted as a bug?