Drag/Drop - Dropzone Not Working

So, this feature was working fine for me until recently. I have no idea what I did to make it stop working… I can pick up a drag group just fine, but for some reason, it’s not sticking to the dropzone.

Any drag/drop experts out there that can take a quick look to see what I’m missing? Pretty please? :relaxed:

Please specify where to look and what elements are not working and I’ll have a peek.

I suppose that would be helpful wouldn’t it?!

Group Fees > Group Tasks Form > Group Tasks > Group List Holder > RG Project’s Tasks

It’s the Drag/Drop table contained in the repeating group - I can pick up one of the tasks and drag it, but when I try to drop/re-order, it just goes right back to its original spot.

Thank you!

It’s a REU. Where do I run it.

Go to the project_management page. Then select the 4th Street Hotel project. Click the ‘Fees & Tasks’ button and the test data will be there.

First thing I’d try is to make a type match. Your drop areas don’t have the same type of thing as your drag area. Did you have it working before you changed that?

I haven’t changed any of that. I went ahead and made the types all the same, but it doesn’t seem to help.

The drop areas are supposed to light up teal when they are dragged over, but even that isn’t working.

That’s why I was wondering. Can you confirm that your reordering was working previously? Or did it break when you built out the workflow? Because In your workflows you’re calling the current workflow’s thing and I thought that was based on your drop area’s accepting a thing of that type. But if it was previously working I don’t know why it would stop all of a sudden…

Looked it over again, can’t find anything wrong with it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Hi! I’m having the same issue, the drag/Drop elements jump back the their roginsl positions, they don’t stick in the drop area, did you fix this issue?