Drag N Drop from Repeating Group to Repeating Group

Does anyone know if it is possible to drag from a repeating group to a repeating group of different data types that share records (as a list)… i cant figure out why drop-zones do not see data from drag and drop groups that are inside repeating groups.

The only thing i can do is click the record in the repeating group, first, send the id to a field (on click), and then with a workflow i then drag it over the dropzone and pull the ID from this field. This is not intuitive, and there is no hover function that i see to route the data to a field. Am i going about this all wrong??? I looked through the forum but i cant see any examples of two different data types which share linked data, actually merging data types.

It seems the drop-zone responds to ANY drag and drop group workflow. Is it possible to get the drop-zone to get its data from the dragged item INSIDE another repeating group or pass the ID to an input at hover? A click does not work cause it does not apply until the button is released which comes after the drop-zone update. Yo have to click and then drag in two separate operations.

+1 I would like to also know this

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