Drag/Drop group in the repeating group - when dragged shows all items in RG

Hi guys,

I had to create another topic as I am not sure if this is a bug or I’m missing something.

I have a problem with Repeating Group. In the RG I have a drag/drop group. The RG is set to vertical scrolling with 11 cells. Whenever I drag the drag/drop group the RG shows all the items that are loaded (if there is more than 11- it’s a problem). It is a problem as I have groups just under the RG that are covered when the RG is shown in full.

Is there something I can do? Bring to front doesn’t work. I tried to create workflow that would hide the RG when the drag/drop group is dragged but I don’t think its possible.


Before drag.


I found old topic with similar issue but no solution there.

Here’s the editor. Run as demo account to have the RG populated with data.


Hey @neema @eve I would really appreciate some input on this…

Just want to know if this is a bug :wink:


It looks like this is working as intended - based on the assumption that, if your user wants to reorder things in the group, they would want to see the order of all of the things in the group - but if this is not behavior that makes sense to you, please do write us at support@bubble.io so that our team can take a look and potentially file a feature request.


thanks for the answer. That’s what I thought but it would be great if one could disable it :confused:

Will do that, thanks again!

I’ve sent an email. If someone from the forum wants to chip in I also post my problems with it here.

There are at least two problems with this setup without having an option to disable it or limit it in some way:

  1. I don’t use the drag/drop group within RG to reorder things. I use it so the user can drag the item from this RG into another drop area that is below that particular RG with drag and drop group - which can’t be done - I will need to change the UX for that.

  2. If there is a lot of items in the group (for the example sake lets say 100 - of course it also depends on the position of the group on the site, and height of the drag/drop group) the RG will show all the items - 100 items (if all will be loaded) that for sure will be cut by the page height.

Possible solutions:

  1. Having a binary checkbox that will disable this behavior.
  2. Having an option to limit the number of the items showed after the group is dragged.

The behavior makes sense but it is something that we should have the option for, as it doesn’t ALWAYS make sense.

For me personally I’ve had to redesign a page to accommodate this (not using drag & drop) which hurt the pages overall flow.

Just submitted a request to the Support email :slight_smile:


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