When drag group within the repeating group is dragged, the RG shows all items (bug?)

I don’t if this is a bug (probably not) but I have a problem with Repeating Group. In the RG I have a drag/drop group. The RG is set to vertical scrolling with 11 cells. Whenever I drag the drag/drop group the RG shows all the items that are loaded (if there is more than 11- it’s a problem). It is a problem as I have groups just under the RG that are covered when the RG is shown in full.

Is there something I can do? Bring to front doesn’t work. I tried to create workflow that would hide the RG when the drag/drop group is dragged but I don’t think its possible.


Before drag.


no ideas? :frowning:


Same problem in the topic above.

it is next to impossible to diagnose what would be the issue with this without seeing the editor. Make the editor visible to everyone and somebody might be able to take a poke around and spot the error…I’m pretty sure it isn’t a bug though

Here you go. Run as demo account.

@bartek.dev when you reply to a post you should use the reply button from the post the person sent, and to double bet that they get alerted to your reply use the @ call so they are notified of the reply.

I’ll take a look at this and let you know what I think.

Just signed up and got this error message

also, if you have a test account with data already in so I could see the functionality with data loaded, please post the login credentials

Hey @boston85719 thank you for the response.

sorry, I thought I replied to you message earlier. My bad.

This plugin has nothing to do with this. I’ve already delated it.

You don’t need to run as demo. I just crated new tasks. Please try again.

It seems like it might be an issue with the set up of the R.G.

It looks like you want the R.G. to only show 11 items. Setting the R.G. to 11 rows on vertical scroll will make the R.G. show 11 items, but when you scroll, show more ( ie: items 12 and higher ), so you are getting 11 visible items, but the R.G. is loaded with as many as are in the list, which could be quite a lot.

I’ve never made something with multiple R.G. that are all able to have items dropped from one to the other, so I am not sure exactly what you should do to resolve the issue, however my first thought is to set your R.G. datasource to show items 1 thru 11 or set it to be a fixed number of cells.

In any case I personally don’t see the benefits of a drag and drop set up unless the use is for computer and not mobile. Other users have reported issues with it on mobile, and there are other ways to provide good user experience without it.

If your goal is to get something created quickly for a launch, I’d think of using a menu item to move it, or don’t think that mobile is necessary and build for desktop. Something I am building right now, I am aware a lot of people use mobile, but it is for a business use, so desktop is what I think most will use when on the app.

As always thank you for your time.

yes that’s the problem.

no chance. The RG must be set in a way to load all the tasks. It doesnt make sense the make it fixed.

Mobile version will have completely different set up, without the drag/drop groups so I don’t take it into account + this app is mostly for pc not phone - I doubt it people will use it on mobile because its created specifically to use on pc and maybe have a look up on mobile.

This is a crucial component of my app so if it’s not a bug - it’s just plain stupid.

if it is being used on pc, you should separate the repeating groups if the page design allows for it.

So you can drag and drop horizontally instead of vertically…

But if that is not possible, I would put a menu option to “move to…” and give options to change that thing to be in the other group chosen

The page is full. I have a calendar on the right side and another column with projects.

Yes, you can change the date on edit task, but thats not the point. Better UX is just dragging into onto the group e.g. “tomorrow”.

I created another post under the Bugs category. We will see whats the answer on this.

It is not a bug, at least I don’t think it is…but from my experience submitting a bug report is the only way to get a bubble support person to look at it, otherwise you would just rely on another bubble user having had the same experience and verify it is a bug, which I don’t think it is.

If the page is full and I suppose you could be making this part to be a side menu, you could create a popup or a group that covers the page ( floating group maybe ) that spans the whole page to give yourself the space to set it up to drag horizontally.

Also, if you have not, read every forum post on the topic of drag and drop…something in them may click and you figure out what the issue is…I personally think it is about the way the R.G. is set up

I think that too. But why would they do it that way?

Fingers crossed

Yea, I tried that…

Thanks :slight_smile:

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