RG items coming out of the group in the UI

Hi, I am designing a drag/drop app and I have created a repeating group with a list of tweets. When I try to drag a tweet out of that group (with green border), I see that some tweets get out of the green border at the bottom. Snapshot below:

How do I prevent this from happenning?
The link to the app is: https://temp01.bubbleapps.io/version-test/dragdrop


@frostyblox The behavior is not reproducible in the test page. Are you still running into this issue?

I realized that my instructions were probably not clear. Did you try to drag the topmost item in the repeating group and drop it onto the “Drop Tweets below” text box?

Yes, I can still reproduce this issue with both Chrome and Firefox on Windows. I am wondering if I am missing something in the creation of RG.

@frostyblox Snaps back to original position in a test and but perhaps we are missing something. You can test by enabling ‘cut off content if the element is not tall enough’. Text elements should not overflow RG cells. Please submit a bug report with a gif/video to show this behavior.

I tried with the above option for the text element but it did not help. I will file a bug report.


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