Drag & drop need help ASAP

Hey guys,
Any idea how to create a drag and drop that will stick to the dropped position something like this: https://widget-dashboard.bubbleapps.io/ and then, when the dropped elements are saved, when the saved elements will receive another one dragged and dropped on them, it will populate a calendar date range with those values from the dropped element?
Here’s the idea:

I am creating a appointment system.
So when the business type is different, the business will create their area specific to their real layout like the arrangement of tables in the restaurant, the number of dentist chairs inside their dentist cabinet, with each cabinet individually, massage table for beauty salon, etc.
Now, when the business admin will create this, to its business specific it will have the corespondent furniture to the right/left of the panel. Table for 2, for 4, for …12. It will drag them to their specific in the resturant.
Then, when a booking will come in, it will just drag and drop that booking request (containing: range date, customer name, etc) over the desired table. This will automatically book that date range (date and hours). And it will become available when the user has left or if it doesn’t show (this will be done by the business operator from its menu).
I tried to make it with the help of @romanmg (she is magnificent!) but unfortunately we ran out of time and she doesn’t work over the weekend.
I need this to be done until monday. Wasted so much time to build it (the entire platform), I can’t delay the app launch more than monday.

If you have any other ideas how to make it work, that’s fine by me. I don’t stick to one model of it, as long as it gets the job done.

Can anyone help me? Free or for money?
Thank you so much in advance!

You got possibly 2 routes.

  1. Display your content/repeating groups in a repeating group and then reorder the repeating group… There are a lot of discussions in the forum about the subject but it can be done… The only thing you need to consider using this method is the last item in the repeating group when something is dropped on. I use a pop-up to ask the user whether they want the item being dropped preceding or following the last item. That’s possibly your easiest option… Search the forum you’ll find lots of content.
    This is by far the most elegant option because you will want all your widgets to be aligned like “snap to”

  2. A little bit more tricky… If you want to have complete autonomy of where each widget is displayed on the page based on a percentage x & y position. So to do this you’ll need plug-ins but this gives complete flexibility allowing a user to literally move the widgets exactly where they want and save them in exactly that position. I use this for a commercial application displaying tooltips (hotspots) even in responsive pages

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What are those plugins you’re talking about?

You need MoveIT its a commercial plug-in from @Jarad … Too Cheap for the price for what it does (that’s my view) and outstanding support from the developer …and CSS Tools free from the same stable of plug-ins and plug-in King

Search the forum and you’ll find both live and access to the editor posts to see how they are set up

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thank you!

nobody is interested in helping me to finish this? really? :frowning: … thanks anyways I guess. Admin/Mod can close the topic or delete it. Thanks.