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Draggable Element in Reusable element is bugged?

I am not sure, but when I put a draggable element in my reusable element in disables and destroys a lot of my workflows in the page in run mode. I can’t show an example because it is private. Has anyone else encountered this problem. Apparently, it also has to do something with the placing of the draggable element in the reusable element.

I don’t know if it’s the same but yesterday I moved an element around inside of a RG and afterwards the element was sent to the back and was unrecognized by the RG. “Current cells thing” option was also gone. I had delete and redo the element.

This can happen if the element crosses the borders of the cell in the repeating group. The quickest way to put it back inside (even if it is too large to fit!) is to cut it, select the RG, then paste.

Can you edit the forum app to show the problem? I’ve created a page to get it started …

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