Moving elements using drag and drop

Hi There,

I have elements in 2 repeating groups; rgA and rgB. Both repeating groups have same data type. I want to move cells from rg A to rgB through drag and drop. I also want when a cell is moved from rg A to rg B, it gets deleted in rgA. Also, cells can be moved back. Finally, I want data to be saved as cells are dragged and dropped. Any help will be appreciated.

You can check this if it works for you Draggable Elements - Bubble Docs

Thank you Kazimdgoni. I explored the Draggable elements -bubble link you shared and tried to implement it in my App. The Drop/drag group is moving well for me but it is not dropping in the Drop Area. I checked the box “make this element droppable”. Is there something I am not doing right?

I am not sure about this. Can you please search the forum for similar threads.

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