Is there a way to make repeating groups not lock objects within their cell?

Currently, any object inside a cell is generally restricted within it and cannot go out of it (or if it does, you can’t see it and it cuts off). So, if I want to allow my user to drag the object somewhere, they won’t be able to because it’s restricted to the cell.

It would be incredibly, incredibly useful if I could let users drag elements outside of their individual cells, is there a way to remove the constraints so that the elements can be pulled out of the cell in the repeating group? Whether it’s because the user is dragging the element themselves, or because I’m using a plugin to move the element to a certain (x,y) coordinate outside of the cell. Is this possible?

I assume you’re talking about Bubble’s own Dragable Elements plugin?.. (if not, then, you’ll need to clarify what you’re taking about).

If so… then as long as you’ve checked the 'Make this element droppable; then you should have no issue dragging a Drag/drop group out of a RG.

Is that what you’re talking about?

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Yes… thank you. I’m really not sure why I didn’t think of it. I must be tired. Thanks adam.

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