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Draggable Slider / Elements Appearance


I’ve somehow made a draggable slider that changes the number value inside of a text box (so very cool!). 15%20AM

How would I use this to change the alpha color value of a shape or the font size of text? I guess my question is how do I drill down into the elements (appearance elements)?

Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, please share how you created that slider…I would love to be able to .

Secondly, in terms of changing the alpha color, there isn’t a really sleek way to do so…you could though set conditionals on the element to change the background color and the alpha value

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The unfortunate thing is that the alpha value doesn’t accept dynamic data ( something to request as a new feature ), so you are unable to link the alpha value to a value set on the slider.

To change the font size it would be the same thing…conditionals on the text element, which would be a bit less cumbersome to set up than the alpha color because with alpha you’d need essentially 99 conditionals ( unless you use a range value ), but with the text you could determine the number of options to provide.

Other options I believe would be using CSS, HTML or Javascript…none of which I am familiar enough with to instruct on, but I believe in the codes you can use dynamic data, which could be referenced to a custom state or something that stores the value of the slider to set the alpha color or font size in your code.

Hi @boston85719, thank you so much for the reply, it sounds crazy having to setup 99 different conditionals but I do like the idea of something that stores the value to set the font size etc…, I guess my next step is to learn conditionals.

To answer how I created the slider… :wink:
Drag a Slider Input into the scene set its min and max values (0, 100), you can use any numbers, if the slider is longer I would use a larger number to have the effect of a smooth slider, if you did for example 0 to 10 there would be steps which is ok if thats what you are looking for.

Next, drag a text element into the scene (calling it a scene because I dont know the technical term for the screen/canvas thing lol). Click on it and simply set the SliderInput A’s value (in essence setting the text to the slider value :smiley: Happy Coding!

Hopefully I can figure out the Font size thing next? (seems it may be easier than the alpha for now), maybe I’ll start smaller with a button to change the font size.

Hey! Did you ever figure out how to dynamically change the font size? Thanks!