Slider input conditionals - setting range

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Hi all, I have what I think should be a fairly simple query. I have a slider with a range $0-100. Once they adjust that range (ie. they’ve touched the slider) I would like to change the size of the font. I’ve got as far as the input for range (see the attached screenshot) but haven’t got a way to add that to the expression.

I’l also do the same with the second slider, when the range is above 0.

Thoughts, solutions?

The main problem is that font-size is not dynamic. That’s why if you want to use a regular textfield, you should set the conditionals for some ranges in the slides and assign font-sizes manually. OR you can use HTML to display some text, and it will be easier to assign dynamic font-sizes. See demo below:

The first one is a regular text field with these conditions. I set only the first few values of the slider, that’s why it doesn’t get any bigger, but you get the idea:

And the second one is an html element that shows some text and calculates font-size dynamically. Easier of course:

And here is the editor if you want to check more details:

Hi! Apologies for the slow response, I was off sick for the last two weeks. This is exactly what I needed to solve this problem.